‘Choose purity…are you asking me or telling me?’

Those were the first thoughts that came to mind when I first heard of this thing.

If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably thinking ‘welp,that ship sailed a long time ago….’
Because, to be honest, when they said Choose Purity, I heard “Choose Virginity”. And like I said, that ship had already sailed so I thought, ‘I guess this one’s not for the likes of me….’


From my experience I can say with 100% certainty and 100% conviction that to choose purity is first to choose Jesus.

How can you choose purity without choosing Jesus? I don’t know mate- which was what confused me. I would always try so hard to do the ‘right thing’. It was only when I got to know Jesus did choosing purity mean anything to me. I’m not saying that I was mistake free. In fact, I stumbled many a times, I made some dumb choices, I slipped accidentally and on purpose.

But eventually/suddenly it now meant something to me, Jesus meant something to me. So even in the slipping and the dumb mistakes, I was committed to change. As I got closer to Jesus, I started to choose Jesus, and so I was choosing purity. As I continue to choose Jesus, I’m choosing purity. That’s a choice I make knowing I have God helping me and some interesting, strong, weird, quirky, funny, beautiful girls/sisters encouraging me. I can’t do this (and I am not doing this) alone. And neither will you on your journey.



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